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Vermed V8850 Solid Gel Foam Electrode, 1 3/8'' Box/1000

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Vermed V8850 Solid Gel Foam Electrodes are multi functional for all Stress, Holter, Event and long term ECG testing. Davis Medical highly recommends the Vermed v8550 electrodes as one of the best electrodes on the market. The solid gel foam electrodes improve adhesion and reduces patient clean up. Diaphorectic Foam allows for patient comfort, minimizes placement problems and allows for fast accurate results.
Specifics of the Vermed V8850 Solid Gel Foam Electrodes are:

  • 1000 electrodes per case

  • Latex Free

  • Hypoallergenic, for sensitive patients

  • Silver/Silver Chloride construction, for stable baseline

  • Solid Gel Adhesive

  • Minimum Prep Time

  • Single Use

  • 18 month shelf life

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    Best quality stress electrode I have had used with great EKG tracings. Price was very competive .
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