Whether you need short-term renting or long-term leasing, Davis Medical will provide your practice with a great plan for getting much-needed equipment. We’ll help you lease great medical equipment quickly and without any hassle from our large inventory of new and refurbished products. Davis Medical works with several large and diversified financial service companies, offering creative financing programs to hospitals and physicians for medical equipment rentals. Like Davis Medical, these financial service companies are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Whether you are opening a new practice or have been in business for years, our low fixed rates, deferred payment options, and lease line approvals of up to $200K offer you the financial resources needed to acquire the best medical equipment for your practice. All rental equipment will be maintained by the Davis Medical Service Department. In addition, we require that all renting be over a minimum period of 90 days.

Call 888-599-6641 for cardiology equipment rentals and leasing now!