Philips Supplies

Philips 1-Channel Paper; 40 mm Grid Gray, Roll Length PHS-DEF-40453A
Philips 1-Channel Chemical Thermal Paper; Gray 50mm Box/10 PHS-DEF-40457C
Philips 1-Channel Chem/Thermal Paper; 40 mm  Case/80 PHS-DEF-40457D
HP/Philips Generic PageWriter 100,200,300 Trunk Cable/ Lead Set, 4mm PHS-EKG-3702G
Aligator Clips - Tab Electrodes PHS-EKG-860306 E01
Flat Blue Wide Tab Clips w/snaps PHS-EKG-860306 E02
Light Weight Lead Extenders PHS-EKG-860306 E03
Grabber Connectors PHS-EKG-860306 E05
Double Sided Tab Connector Clips PHS-EKG-860306 E06
Connectivity Board (w/LAN) for TC 30 PHS-EKG-860306 H10
Membrane Keyboard Cover PHS-EKG-860306 H16
Longer Leads PHS-EKG-860306 H23
16-Leads spare parts, includes shorting plugs and colo PHS-EKG-989803148881
16-Leads leadwire kit, includes 4 additional extended PHS-EKG-989803148931
Long Complete Leads Set AAMI PHS-EKG-989803151651
Philips TC Series Chest Leads Set (Both AAMI and IEC) PHS-EKG-989803151671
Long Chest Leads Set (Both AAMI and IEC) PHS-EKG-989803151691
Philips 16-Leads Miscellaneous Kit PHS-EKG-989803151701
PageWriter EKG Paper100/200/300PI/XLI/TCSeries/Touch  Case/8 Same as M2485A PHS-EKG-M1707-P
Philips 13901A Nafion Sample Tube PHS-FET-989803100301
13908A Patient 5 Leads set PHS-FET-989803100371
Cable Management Kit PHS-PAP-989803148841
Cuff Caps for Single Hose Cuff PHS-PAT-989803151601
Cuff Caps for Double Hose Cuff PHS-PAT-989803151611
5 Leads snap AAMI with shower shield PHS-PAT-989803152071
6 Leads grabber AAMI colored Leadset with shower shiel PHS-PAT-989803152131
FilterLine H Set Long Adult/Pediatric PHS-PAT-989803160251
Philips MP2/X2 Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Display Filter PHS-PAT-989803163381
10-lead ECG Patient Trunk Cable, 12-pin ECG Input Conn PHS-PAT-M1949A
Pediatric Tab Electrode PHS-RES-989803149901
Large Patient Cable PHS-STR-860295 B05
Adult Solid-Gel Snap Foam Electrode PHS-STR-989803148801
Adult Solid-Gel Snap Cloth Electrode PHS-STR-989803148811
Adult Radiolucent Foam Electrode PHS-STR-989803148821
FilterLine H Set Long Infant/Neonatal PHS-SUP-989803160261
Philips 1.2 GB MO Disc    Box/5 PHS-ULT-61PD0
Philips 2.3GB Rewritable Optical Disk PHS-ULT-92279F
DVD+RW, medical grade, carton PHS-ULT-989803151051
3 Lead Trunk Cable PHS-VIT-M1669A