February is Heart Month

It's February, and we focus on #heart #disease this month. Heart disease continues to be one of the greatest health threats to Americans. This disease is preventable and it's important to live a healthy lifestyle and get regular checkups with your #Cardiologist.
Davis Medical works with many doctors focusing on the heart of the problem. Utilizing our #Holter monitors with our Holter-certified technicians to monitor heart rhythms and ensure patients get answers to their heart issues.
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ACT NOW! Refurbished ECG Specials

Refurbished MAC VU360 Resting ECG Special

90 Day bench warranty and CAM 14 module included


MAC VU360 Smart Acquisition helps you deliver high ECG quality and speed, even in challenging situations.

  • Up to 60% of hospitals face significant challenges with duplicate ECGs.

  • Fast high-quality ECG’s with fewer repeats

  • NEW Smart Lead technology automatically detects when a new patient is connected to help minimize patient data mix-ups.

  • Enhanced hook-up advisor on both the cardiac acquisition module and workstation guide even the newest users to a clean, high-quality waveform

  • NEW Smart Auto-ECG immediately captures and displays the first clean, high-quality waveform reducing repeats.

Physicians must have accurate, detailed information to deliver critical diagnoses with speed and confidence. MAC VU360 features the full suite of GE Healthcare's ECG analysis programs.

  • 12SL™ provides proven accuracy and quality that meet industry standards and guidelines.

  • Whether you're taking a 12-lead or rhythm ECG, your ST segment will be consistently accurate thanks to the Zero Phase Distortion (ZPD)

  • High-definition pacemaker detection identifies artificial pacing not visible on ECG waveform.

  • Improved left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) recognition by adding Cornell criteria, in accordance with ACC/AHA recommendations, to identify which are positive.


  • DME Refurbished GE Mac 360 includes:

  • 90 day bench warranty

  • Subject to prior sales

  • No applications support

  • 12 SL Interpretive software with analysis & measurements

  • High Definition pacemaker detection

  • ZPD Consistent accuracy of ST Segment

  • LVH Recognition software

  • Muse Integration

  • Full Disclosure

  • Encryption

  • Height adjustable mobile trolley

  • CAM 14 Module with lead wires and mounting arm brackets

  • Power cord

Refurbished GE MAC 5500 ECG

PRICE: $1,500

Refurbished Philips TC70 ECG

  • 90-day warranty

  • Pacemaker detection

  • XML/PDF export capability

  • ST mapping Easy program for ECG monitoring

  • Wireless transferring for ECGs

  • 16 leads of ECG monitoring


  • Lead placement made easy with anatomic patient interface module Module Included

PRICE: $4,000

Good deals are always hard to find. We are here to help you!