Defibrillators Cables/Accessories

Davis Medical offers the supplies and accessories necessary to optimize your AED or defibrillator. With a variety of carrying cases, your AED becomes portable and durable. The infant key always for safe use on pediatrics and neonatal patients. The variety of supplies offered by Davis Medical will ensure your defibrillator and AED are always in working conditions.




Philips 1-Channel Chemical Thermal Paper; Gray 50mm Box/10 PHS-DEF-40457C
Philips HeartStart SMART Pads II PHS-DEF-989803139261
Philips Adult Plus Mulitfunction Defib Electrodes  Pack/10 Sets PHS-DEF-M3713A
Philips Heartstream/HeartStart FR2 Carrying Case PHS-DEF-M3868A
Philips HeartStart Pediatric Electrode Pads for FR2+/Set of 1 PHS-DEF-M3870A
Philips HeartStart OnSite AED, Adult SMART Pads w/ Cartridge/Set of 1 PHS-DEF-M5071A
Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Infant/Child SMART Pads Cartridge/Set of 1 PHS-DEF-M5072A
Philips HeartStart OnSite Defib Standard Carry Case PHS-DEF-M5075A
Philips 3-Lead ECG Patient Trunk Cable PHS-PAT-M1500A
Philips 3-Lead Cable Set, Snap PHS-PAT-M1605A
Zoll Replacement 3 Lead Cable 12' EACH ZMS-DEF-8000-0025
Zoll Internal Defib Paddle Handles w/ 2.7" spoon with Switch ZMS-DEF-8011-0141-03
Zoll Internal Defib Paddle Handles w/ 3" spoon with Switch ZMS-DEF-8011-0141-04
Zoll Internal Defib Paddles EACH ZMS-DEF-8011-0501-02
Zoll Defibrillator Lead Wires PD1200/1400/1600/2000 SET/3 ZMS-DEF-PD20900-18-3A
Zoll PD 1200 Defibrillator Battery 12V/2.5AH EACH ZMS-DEF-PD8000-0052
Zoll Multi-Function Cable Assembly for PD1400 EACH ZMS-DEF-PD8004-0005
Zoll Pedi Padz Pediatric Multi-Function Electrodes CASE/6 ZMS-DEF-PD8900-2065
Zoll Stat Padz Multi-Function Electrodes CASE/12 ZMS-DEF-PD8900-4003
Philips HeartStart FRx/OnSite Debif (HS1) Battery PHS-DEF-M5070A
Philips HeartStart XL / XLT Battery PHS-DEF-M3516A
Philips Long Life LiMNO2 FR2+ Battery PHS-DEF-989803108811
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