GE Vivid S60 Ultrasound Machine GE-Vivid-S60
  • GE Vivid S60 Ultrasound Machine GE-Vivid-S60
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GE Vivid S60 Cardiac Ultrasound


GE's new Vivid S60 is one of the most powerful compact console based ultrasound in the market today. It includes GE new cSound technology, which supports all applications and probes available on the S60. The Vivid S60's probe technology has been migrated down from the leadership platform Vivid E9's XDclear technology. The end result is exceptional image quality in an affordable, lightweight ultrasound system. Features include but are not limited to:

  • 19" wide screen HD display(256 shades of gray and 16.7 million colors
  • 12.1" multi-touch LCD screen with tablet like performance
  • Ease of use features makVivid S60 an extremely productive 2cardiovascular ultrasound system
  • Connectivity options for a wide range of EMR’s and clinical settings
  • Ergonomic FlexFit design for increased user comfort
  • Software based beamformer technology
  • AFI Stress Echo(Optional)
  • Smart standby keeps the ultrasound powered on without AC power for up to 20 minutes with a 5 second start time
  • Raw Data for post processing
  • Full integration with GE's EchoPAC PC based reading/reviewing station
  • One Year Warranty

Manufacturer #: H45591ZB


Color Doppler:

Adult Echo Color Doppler




• Cardiac
• Stress (optional)
• Abdominal
• Peripheral vascular
• Fetal heart
• Pediatric
• Neonatal cephalic
• Adult cephalic
• Small parts
• Thyroid
• Musculoskeletal
• Urology
• Rodent (optional)
• Transesophageal
• Coronary
• LVO contrast (optional)
• Nerves

Operating Modes

• 2D tissue
• 2D color flow
• 2D angio flow
• Color M-mode
• Tissue velocity M-mode
• Continuous wave Doppler
• Tissue M-mode
• Pulsed wave Doppler
• Anatomical M-mode
• Curved anatomical M-mode
• Tissue velocity imaging
• Tissue tracking
• Tissue synchronization imaging (optional)
• Strain imaging (optional)
• Strain rate imaging (optional)
• Tissue velocity Doppler
• Blood flow imaging (option)

Recommended Products


3Sc-RS Phased Array Probe
Frequency: 1.3-4.5 MHz
Probe presets: Cardiac adult, pediatric, abdomen, fetal heart, transcranial, coronary, stress, LVO contrast, LVO stress, OB/GYN, vascular

6S-D Phased Array Probe
2.4-8.0 MHz
Probe presets:
Pediatric, cardiac, coronary, neonatal head, fetal heart, abdominal

12S-D Phased Array Probe
Probe Presets: Pediatric, cardiac, coronary, neonatal head, rodent, vascular (incl. carotid, LEA, LEV, UEA, UEV), abdomen

9L-D Linear Array Probe
2.4-10.0 MHz
Probe Presets: Vascular (incl. carotid, LEA, LEV, UEA, UEV), musculoskeletal, nerves, small parts, thyroid

C1-6-D XDclear Single Crystal Curved Array Probe (Convex)
1.6-6.0 MHz
Probe presets:
Abdomen, OB/GYN, urology, vascular, fetal heart

P2D Pencil Probe
2.0 MHz
Probe presets:

6Tc-RS TEE Probe
3.0-8.0 MHz
Probe presets:
Cardiac, coronary, LVO contrast

6VT-D Active Matrix TEE Probe
3.0-8.0 MHz
Probe presets: Cardiac, LVO contrast, coronary

9T-RS TEE Probe
3.3-10.0 MHz
Probe presets:

Dimensions and Weight
• Width: 54 cm, 21.4"
• Depth: 76 cm, 30.2"
• Height: 138 cm – 168 cm, 54.4" – 66.7"
• Minimum height with folded screen: 112 cm, 44.4"
• Weight: <73 kg, 161 lbs

Electrical Power
• Nominal input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Rated power consumption: 500 VA

Operating System
• Windows® 7

Touch Screen
• 12" ultra-high-resolution, wide screen format, color, multi-touch LCD screen
• Interactive user-configurable dynamic software menu
• Backlight adjustment – automatic by light sensor or manual
• Touch-panel control of TGC sliders
• Touch-panel controls content can be set to routine or extended usage

LCD Monitor
• 19" wide screen High-Definition (HD) flicker-free LCD display
• 256 shades of gray and 16.7 million simultaneous colors available
• Articulated monitor arm
• LCD translation (independent of console) - 160 mm horizontal bidirectional - 100 mm vertical height adjustment - Swivel to any viewing direction
• Fold down and rotation lock mechanism for transportation
• Horizontal viewing angle of more than 170°
• Resolution: 1680 x 1050 pixels
• Automatic or manual digital brightness and contrast adjustment for excellent viewing in different ambient light conditions (light sensor)
• Tint and backlight adjustments
• Separate adjustment for external monitor brightness/contrast
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