HP/Philips EKG Cables / ECG Cables

HP/Philips Generic PageWriter Trunk Cable/ Lead Set PHS-EKG-3702G
Philips PageWriter Trim/Touch/XLI Complete Lead Wire Set - 10 Leads PHS-EKG-989803129161
Philips PageWriter Trim/Touch Chest Lead Set PHS-EKG-989803129151
Philips Touch USB Patient Data Cable PHS-EKG-989803145401
Philips TC Series Complete Leadwire Set, AAMI - 989803151631 PHS-EKG-989803151631
Philips TC Series Chest Leads Set - 989803151671 PHS-EKG-989803151671
Philips Class B USB Patient Data Cable TC30/50/70 - 989803164281 PHS-EKG-989803164281
Philips Class A USB Patient Data Interface Cable TC70 - 989803158481 PHS-EKG-989803158481
Philips Limb Leads Set (Both AAMI and IEC) - 989803151711 PHS-EKG-989803151711
Philips StressVue Patient Cable - 10 Lead (AHA) PHS-STR-989803136951
Philips 3-Lead Cable Set, Snap PHS-PAT-M1605A
HP Heartstart XL, 3 Lead Snap, 12 Pin ECG Cable, One Piece DME-DEF-42385
HP Lead Wires for Codemaster XL/Sonos Imaging SET/3 KDS-DEF-D-3A1363
PHILIPS iE33/iU22/Sonos 5500/7500/HD11xe/HD15 ECG Physio Kit (453561716461) PHS-EKG-453561258471
Medical Grade Power Cord, 6' 13A-125V, Green Dot PHS-EKG-8120-5429
12-lead (pinch) ECG Patient Cable for PHILIPS ST80i - 989803180121 PHS-STR-989803180121
12-lead (snap) Patient Cable for PHILIPS ST80i - 989803180141 PHS-STR-989803180141
12L Leadset - Long, Grabbers, AAMI, for use with PHILIPS ST80i - 989803180161 PHS-STR-989803180161
12L Leadset - Long, Snaps, AAMI, for use with PHILIPS ST80i - 989803180181 PHS-STR-989803180181
PHILIPS Compatible ECG Trunk Cable, 3-lead, 6 pin, AHA PHS-3RD-453561432691
PHILIPS Compatible ECG lead set, 3-lead, grabbers PHS-3RD-M1603A
PHILIPS M1580A Compatible, 3-Lead ECG Trunk Cable PHS-3RD-M1580A
Philips PW CBL 16 Leads Kit AAMI - 989803151751 PHS-EKG-989803151751
Philips CBL 8- to 12-pin Sp02 sensor adapter PHS-PAT-M1940A
Philips OR 5-lead, Grabbers, Safety PHS-PAT-M1621A
Philips 3-Lead Set Grabber ICU, AAMI - M1671A / 989803145091 PHS-VIT-M1671A
Philips 3 lead ECG Trunk AAMI/IEC 2.7m AAMI/IEC 2.7m Trunk Cable - M1669A / 989803145071 PHS-VIT-M1669A
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