Newman SimpleABI System 300
Newman Manual System for ABI - 300 NEN-ABI-ABI-300
  • Newman Manual System for ABI - 300 NEN-ABI-ABI-300
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ABI-300 Manual – Single-level & Toe


The simpleABI 300 software from Newman Medical can be installed onto almost any modern PC. The systems diagnosis is made using the gold standard Doppler and simple pulse volume recording (PVR) waveforms. Working directly on a computer, simply point and click to send a report to your office computer or EMR system.  Because it's so easy to use, it virtually eliminates any staff training and puts the exam and report right in front of you, making you ready for both diagnosis and reimbursements! Customize each report with your practices information and logo!

  • Doppler with 8MHz Probe
  • 4 cuffs (2x10cm & 2x12cm)
  • Manuel Aneroid
  • TBI studies available with purchase of DPPG & Cuff-120
  • Simple ABI reporting software
    • Simple to train office staff
    • Point and click reporting from the computer to any office printer 
  • Automatic Index Calculator
  • Customized Reports with office information and logo
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • 3 hours onsite installation

Meets requirements for CPT coding including 93922



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