Conmed TotalTrace™ Adult Foam ECG Electrode

Conmed TotalTrace™ Adult Foam ECG Electrode CASE/600


CONMED’s first product was the disposable ECG monitoring electrode. Today, we continue to offer innovation in patient monitoring with CONMED’s next generation electrode.

Introducing the NEW TotalTrace™ ECG Electrode – developed with both the patient and clinician in mind. This general purpose adult foam electrode is optimized with features designed to answer the clinical needs of hospitals and outpatient centers.

5 Pack - 600 electrodes per case (120 packs in a case)

Conforms to Patient’s Skin
The lower profile design of the TotalTrace™ Adult Foam ECG Electrode and its smaller footprint help the electrode to better conform to the patient’s anatomy.

Optimized Adhesion
Optimized gel formulation offers improved adhesion and lower impedance vs. prior generations of adult foam general purpose ECG electrodes.

New package design with a laser underscored tear-strip helps to ensure an easy-to-open pouch, for emergency situations.

Infection Prevention
Available in single-pouch packaging to help maximize infection control and avoid cross contamination issues.

Electrode Options
TotalTrace™ Adult Foam ECG Electrodes are offered in two options – available with carbon or metal snaps. Proudly Made in the USA!

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