DigiDop 301 w/ 8MHz vascular probe, 3 cuffs (10cm, 12cm, 1.9cm digit), PPG, manual aneroid.

DigiDop 300 w/ 8MHz vascular probe, 3 cuffs (10cm, 12cm, digit cuff), PPG, manual aneroid.


DD-PAD | ABI Kit with Doppler

System for PAD Screening studies.

Newman Medical’s DD-PAD is designed to quickly and easily produce the results you need for the diagnosis of lower extremity peripheral artery disease.

DD-PAD systems allow you to perform routine examinations for the diagnosis of PAD.

Below you will find a printable report for lower extremity arterial evaluation. The tests that can be done with the DD-PAD include:

Single Level Exams – Single level exams for diagnosing obstruction. Performed using Doppler.
ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) – with dual ankle Doppler pressures. This is the fundamental PAD exam.
The DD-PAD includes a Doppler that utilizes Newman Medical’s sensitive, interchangeable probes. The Doppler has the sensitivity and audio response to allow you to hear the blood flow sounds quickly and clearly.

Vascular sensors
The DD-PAD comes with a standard 8 MHz vascular probe to provide the sensitivity and reliability you need. Our 5 and 8 MHz vascular probes have a smooth contour design that is comfortable to hold, comfortable for the patient, and easy to clean.

8 MHz probes are especially sensitive for vessels near the surface like the radial, posterior tibial, and dorsalis pedis arteries.
5 MHz probes provide excellent deep penetration for deeper arteries like the femoral, popliteal and brachial, and for deep veins
The DD-PAD comes with an 8 MHz probe; a 5 MHz is optional.

The DD-PAD system comes with a limited set of specialized vascular cuffs. They are a non-porous soft material over a non-latex bladder. The cuffs are long enough to completely encircle the limb. The set includes:

  • 1 x 10cm
  • 1 x 12cm
  • Industry Leading Two Year Warranty
  • The DD-PAD comes with a 2 year warranty. The warranty includes both parts and labor and covers aneroid, probe, and cuffs. The Doppler itself is covered under out 5 year warranty. We can offer this outstanding warranty because our design and materials reduce the number and cost of warranty issues.

Made in the USA
Our products are designed and manufactured near Denver Colorado, a long-time center for diagnostic ultrasound products. Each product, including each probe, is individually inspected and tested to assure quality and durability. We have a very experienced team that has been in the vascular business for many years.

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