Refurbished GE 3S Probe

GE 3S Probe (Refurbished)



The GE 3s probe is an adult cardiac ultrasound transducer which is compatible with many GE ultrasound systems, including Logiq 3, Logiq 5, Logiq 7, Logiq 9, Logiq P5, Vivid 3, Vivid 4, Vivid 7 Expert, Vivid 7 Pro, Vivid S5, Logiq 400, and Logiq 500. Among the application possibilities with the GE 3s probe (transducer) are abdominal, OB/GYN, and trans-cranial Doppler. In addition, the 3s probe (transducer) comes with a 30 day manufacturer warranty. If you have any questions about the GE 3S probe, contact us anytime.

Compatible with:

  • Vivid 7 Dimension
  • Vivid 7 Pro
  • LOGIQ P5
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