GE Cam 14 Leadwires Set, 10 Lead, Banana, AHA

GE Leadwire Set 10-LD Banana Plug AHA (CAM14)


  • MPN2016032-001
$380.00 $368.10

Vyaire p/n: 2016032-001

Leadwire Set 10-LD Banana Plug AHA (CAM14)

  • provides connection between ECG electrodes and the EGC recorder
  • serve to transmit electrical signal for diagnostic and monitoring purposes
  • Banana plugs connect to clips, enabling attachment to both snap and tab electrodes
  • connects to the Cam 14 acquisition module 
  • compatible with, MAC 1100, 1200, 1200st, Cardiosmart, Cardiosys, MAC 5000, MAC 5000st, CASE, CASE8000, Cardiosoft, and Cam 14
  • OEM

       Additional Features include:

  • Banana plug
  • Color Coded leadwires
  • 10 leadwire set

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