GE Marquette EKG Paper 9402-024

GE Marquette ECG Paper, Blank Header - 2009828-024 / 9402-024


  • MPN9402-024

Davis Medical's GE Marquette ECG Paper item# 9402-024 (formerly GES-PAP-9902-024-PK) is z-fold, red grid ECG paper with blank header. This type of ECG paper is typically used for resting ECG. 


  • Same as GE P/N: 2009828-024, 9402-024, 2104770-001
  • 8.5"x11", Z-Fold, Red Grid, 300 sheets/pad, 8 pads/case, Blank Header  
  • OEM Compatible 

For use with:

  • GE Case
  • MAC 5000/5500
  • MACVU 360

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