GE Vivid E95 Ultrasound System GE-VIVID-E95
  • GE Vivid E95 Ultrasound System GE-VIVID-E95
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GE Vivid E95 Cardiac Ultrasound


The Vivid E95 is GE's top of the line 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system. Enhanced cSound technology drastically improves image quality with additional advanced algorithms. Traditional imaging platforms use hardware based beamforming, while the E95's cSound uses a programmable and flexible software based beamforming. This produces the superior image quality you need without the limitation of focal zones or a drop in frame rate. 

The transducers used with the GE Vivid E95 come with XDClear probe technology. The combination of cSound & XDClear create the sharpest picture quality in GE's lineup, and will help ensure you see every detail up close.

With the Vivid E95's simple keyboard layout that can be adjusted to any height, "ease of use" will be the first thing that comes to your mind. This GE E95 ultrasound comes with a 22" high resolution wide screen OLED monitor for the clearest image on the market today.

Additional features include:

  • Adjustable height keyboard & monitor
  • 22" high-resolution wide screen, non-flicker OLED monitor
  • 12" ultra-high-resolution wide screen, color, multi-touch LCD screen
  • Premium 2D & 4D imaging
  • XDClear probe technology
  • 5 active probe ports
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Manufacturer #: H45591NG

Dimensions and Weight
• Width: 544 mm, 21 3/4"
• Depth: 844 mm, 33 1/4"
• Height: 1230 mm – 1670 mm, 48 3/8" – 65 3/4" (up/down mechanism + LCD arm)
• Weight: 126 kg , 278 lbs

Electrical Power
• Nominal input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Typical power consumption: 500 W @ default cardiac preset with M5Sc
• Rated power consumption: 700 W

Touch Screen
• 12" ultra-high-resolution, wide screen format, color, multi-touch LCD screen
• Interactive user-configurable dynamic software menu
• Backlight adjustment – automatic by light sensor or manual
• Touch-panel controls content can be set to routine or extended usage

• 22" wide screen High-Definition (HD) flicker-free OLED display
• 256 shades of gray and 16.7 million simultaneous colors available
• Horizontal viewing angle wider than 170°
• Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
• Automatic or manual digital brightness and contrast adjustment for optimal viewing in different ambient light conditions (light-sensor)
• Tint and backlight adjustments

 Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE):

True Confocal Image for TEE:

True Confocal Image for TEE

Virtual Apex:

Virtual Apex

Automated Function Imaging (AFI):

Automated Function Imaging (AFI)

AFI Stress:

 AFI Stress

Auto EF:

Auto EF

Peak Strain Dispersion (PSD):

4D Auto AVQ


Laser Lines

  Color Flow:

Color Flow



Recommended Products


• Cardiac
• Stress (incl. Exercise, QStress and LVO Stress) (optional)
• Abdominal (incl. renal)
• Vascular (incl. carotid, LEA, LEV, UEA, UEV, aorto-Iliac)
• Fetal heart
• Pediatric
• Neonatal
• Neonatal head
• Small parts
• Thyroid
• Breast
• Musculoskeletal
• Intra Operative
• Transcranial
• Scrotal
• Urology (incl. pelvic)
• Rodent (incl. rats and mice for research)
• Transesophageal
• Coronary
• Contrast (optional)
• Contrast low MI (optional)
• LVO contrast

Operating Modes

• 2D tissue
• 4D tissue
• 2D color flow
• 4D color flow
• 2D angio flow
• Color M-mode
• Tissue velocity M-mode
• Continuous wave Doppler
• Tissue M-mode
• Pulsed wave Doppler
• Anatomical M-mode
• Curved anatomical M-mode
• Tissue velocity imaging
• Tissue tracking
• Tissue synchronization imaging (optional)
• Strain imaging (optional)
• Strain rate imaging (optional)
• Tissue velocity Doppler
• Blood flow imaging
• Blood flow angio flow imaging
• B-flow
• 2D stress (optional)
• AFI Automated Function Imaging (optional)
• Auto EF (optional)
• 2D virtual apex imaging
• Bi-plane
• Tri-plane
• Bi- and tri-plane with color
• Coded phase inversion and power modulation contrast imaging
• Compound imaging
• Extended field-of-view (LOGIQView)
• 4D full volume scanning – single-beat and multi-beat
• 4D stress
• 4D strain imaging (optional)
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