Obstetrical probes (DigiDop 700 with 2MHz & 3MHz obstetrical probes)

Obstetrical probes (DigiDop 700 with 2MHz & 3MHz)



DD-700 Display Digital Doppler

These Dopplers provide a large, sharp, bright display of the  pulse rate. The readout can easily be seen in a variety of conditions. The powerful digital processor in the DigiDops performs a true auto-correlation calculation for fast, accurate heart rate. The display also indicates battery, volume, and signal strength status.

  • The 3MHz obstetrical probe is our standard obstetrical probe. It works especially well in early pregnancies, but can be used throughout the pregnancy.
  • The 2MHz obstetrical probe is our later term obstetrical probe. It works especially well in later term pregnancies or on larger patients. It may be used throughout the pregnancy, but may have less sensitivity with earlier terms.
  • 5 year warranty - all labor & all parts

  • Including probes and cords.
  • All Newman products are Made in the USA.
  • Incredible sensitivity - up to 6x other Dopplers
  • Alkaline batteries provided with the DigiDop provide hours of use
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