SunTech Tango M2 Blood Pressure/Monitor
SunTech Tango M2 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor STN-BPM-82-0126-00
  • SunTech Tango M2 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor STN-BPM-82-0126-00
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SunTech Tango M2 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


 The SunTech Tango M2 is the new innovative technology that offers accurate, reliable, hands-free monitoring for Cardiac Stress and Exercise Testing. The device stands alone in the marketplace as it's the only device designed specifically as "motion tolerant" and will automatically take a blood pressure reading during stress testing.  This feature allows the health care provider more valuable time to work directly with their patients.

Features Include:

  • Automated Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring
  • SpO2 (optional)
  • Allows BP monitoring during patient preparation and recovery
  • Rapid repeat BP mode for emergency situations
  • Color display to aid in usability
  • Easily up-gradable as new software is available

Compatible with:

            • GE Case System
            • Philips ST80i
            • Q-stress

            Note: When requesting a quote please indicate the stress system that you would like to use with the SunTech Tango in the comment box.

            • BP measurements: Auscultatory R-wave gating using K-sound analysis, for all static and active phases of stress testing. Oscillometric using pneumatic pressure for static measurements only
            • Measurement range: (DKA mode) Pressure Systolic: 40 – 270 mmHG, Diastolic: 20 – 160 mmHg (OSC mode) Systolic 40 – 260 mmHg, Diastolic: 20 – 160 mmHG; Heart rate 40 – 200 bpm
            • Integrates with all popular stress ECG systems using RS-232, BNC, ECG cable only for internal ECG & USB connections
            • ECG Source: Primary – From integrated stress ECG system or other external source. Secondary – internal ECG option using V2, V6, RL
            • Power: input – 100-240 VAC @ 1.5, 50-60 Hz. Output +9 VDC
            • Dimensions: 9.5” x 6.9” x 4.5”
            • Weight: 3.725 lb
            • Accuracy: Equivalent to a trained observer using a cuff/stethoscope auscultation method per ANSI/AAMI

            • Eliminate the difficulty of taking a patient BP during a stress test with the SunTech Tango M2
            • The stress system automatically communicates with the BP unit, requesting a BP reading be taken
            • Non-exercise mode allows readings to automatically be taken before, during and after the exercise stress test. No ECG is required
            • Optional Spo2 offers valuable information that will notify the healthcare provider when an emergency situation may be occurring
            • Patient data easily downloaded by flash drive
            • Software upgrades available via SunTech Medical online

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