SunTech Tango Supplies & Accessories

The SunTech Tango System was specifically designed for treadmill or pharmaceutical stress testing.  Although some of the Tango+ units will no longer be manufactured, Davis Medical will continue to provide the necessary supplies and accessories to ensure physicians will be able to deliver the highest quality in patient care.


For information about this product or its accessories, please call 888-599-6641. One of our customer service representatives is eager to assist you. 

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SunTech Tango Operators Manual STS-BPM-80-0001-00
SunTech Tango Patient Cable 15 FT STS-BPM-91-0001-00
SunTech Interface Cable to Tango/Case Systems STS-BPM-91-0009-00
SunTech Centra Case Digital ECG Cable STS-BPM-91-0011-00
SunTech Centra/Case 12,15 RS232 Cable STS-BPM-91-0012-00
SunTech/Case System Data Cable for RS232 STS-BPM-91-0013-00
SunTech Quinton Digital ECG Cable STS-BPM-91-0018-00
SunTech/Quiton RS232 Data Cable for Q4500 STS-BPM-91-0019-00
SunTech/Quinton Interface RS232 Data Cable for Q5000 STS-BPM-91-0020-00
SunTech Tango ECG Splitter for Case System STS-BPM-91-0053-00
Suntech to Cambridge STS-BPM-91-0065-00
SunTech Tango Microphone Pads Box/50 STS-BPM-98-0002-50
SunTech Tango Wrist Strap STS-BPM-98-0003-00
SunTech Tango K-Sound 14" Microphone STS-BPM-98-0006-00
SunTech Tango Cuff Anchor Pads   Box/50 STS-BPM-98-0007-50
Tango Pole / Rail Clamp + Screws STS-BPM-98-0008-00
SunTech Tango Standard Adult Cuff STS-BPM-98-0015-00
SunTech Tango Orbit-K Small Adult Cuff - No Microphone STS-BPM-98-0061-01
SunTech Tango Orbit-K Adult Cuff -  No Microphone STS-BPM-98-0061-02
SunTech Tango Orbit-K Large Adult Cuff -  No Microphone STS-BPM-98-0061-03
SunTech Tango Orbit-K Adult Plus Cuff -  No Microphone STS-BPM-98-0061-05
SunTech Tango Orbit-K Small Adult Cuff w/Microphone STS-BPM-98-0062-01
SunTech Tango Orbit-K Adult Cuff w/Microphone STS-BPM-98-0062-02
SunTech Tango Orbit-K Large Adult Cuff w/Microphone STS-BPM-98-0062-03
SunTech Tango Orbit-K Adult Plus Cuff w/Microphone STS-BPM-98-0062-05
SunTech Xpod SpO2 kit STS-BPM-98-0087-00
SunTech Tango Power Supply 19-0012-01